The intermediate state between life and death, the Tibetan bardo, is a space for the consciousness to exist unconnected to a physical body. Clare Doveton has sought to convey this philosophy in her practice with imagined landscapes that blur the barrier between earth and the cosmos. Her meditations on Buddhism and Shamanism generate a consistent tone of ethereal peace in her work, inviting the audience to enter an undefined condition between physical and mystical. Doveton’s paintings have the ability to silence the world around the viewer and provide a window to a meditative state—an extension of her ongoing spiritual practice. A move from city life to a small country farm allowed her to intimately explore the life cycle of the landscape and its varied inhabitants. Midwest farmland, prairie grass, and that famous unobstructed sky fill the role of visual inspiration. There is a moment when the paintings transition to intangible terrain, when they cease to resemble landscapes in this world. For Doveton, the process is as spiritual as it is bodily. Relying on the exchange between conscious effort and intuitive application, the work reflects quantum theory philosophy and a type of creative particle exchange.

Clare Doveton is a graduate of Parsons School of Art and Design in New York City. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Kansas Zen Center, and decades of meditation practice play a key role in her work. She completed permaculture design certification through Kansas Permaculture Collaborative as part of her continued interest and research of integrated systems and patterns in nature. Doveton was the Featured Artist for the Lawrence Arts Center Benefit Art Auction in 2015, and now also serves on their Board of Directors. Her paintings have been featured in Present Magazine, Farmhouse Magazine, The Journal, The Kansas City Star, KC Metropolis, and more. Doveton has been nominated for the Kansas City Collection and was selected for the Hunter Museum of American Art Spectrum Exhibition and auction in 2014. Her work can be found internationally in private and corporate collections, including The Art of Emprise, Quest Financial, New School University, KU Medical Center, Truman Medical Center, NOVA Financial, One Light, Tradewind Energy, and others. Doveton has lived and worked in New York, California, and New Mexico. She now resides in Kansas with her family.